Thank You!




Thank you to our DJEMF members who have been with us from the beginning. We are grateful to you everyday!




Thank you to our Sponsor a Horse members. This monthly support will ensure we are able to keep the herd together!



We thank each and everyone who have donated money and have dedicated their time to promote DJEMF. We are humbled by your generosity.



We thank all of you who have purchased DJEMF merchandise to help support the herd. We will have more merchandise soon! 




Thanks to all of our friends who help to raise money on behalf of DJEMF and those of you who support their efforts. You are ALL so generous!



Wish List


Thank you to everyone who has purchased and continues to purchase items from our Wish List. This has helped so much with our overhead! 

Heres a few pix of the herd enjoying their treats!



Thank you to our generous supporters that contribute to our fundraisers, that create fundraisers for DJEMF, and to those that donate a portion of their own fundraising proceeds to DJEMF.  We really ARE in this TOGETHER!! 



Christin Haws

Betty Gibberman

Johanna Jones

Maggie Turner

Heather Seifert

Cheryl Deane

Regina Marie Gori

Nona Kelly

Willa Frayser

Stephanie Dudley

Heather Mann

Cindy Nugent

Mary Jean Lelak

Melva Lynn Prugo

Andrea Gilby

Amy Bell







Anita Weinberg

Donna Cathey

Gemma Dolenz

Patti Bartosch

Suzanne Gee

Janet Griffin

Mary Cherry

Cynthia Griffin

Belinda Byrne

Linda Montgomery

Lynda Tomkinson

Patricia Jenning

Beverly Barber

Mayrette Rosario

Hillary Weiss

Natalie Neckerman

And to so many more that continue to support us in so many way! You are our Angels!!

Maria Weiss

Linda Colucci

Gloria Kras

Terri Wright

Jody Richardson

Judith Hadlock

Leeann Jones

Sandra Scarpato

Diane Morgan

Heather Cherry

Joe Brunet

Shelli Brunet

Randall Bryant

Penny-Lynn Tallis

Jeremy Drew

Cheryl DeShon


Additional Acknowledgements


Micky Dolenz & Donna Dolenz

Peter Tork & Pam

Bobbi Boyce

Linda Jones

Deb Robicheau

Anita Weinberg

Marion Nguon

Sarah & Lee Archer

Mary Archer

Sam & William Martin

Jerri Keele

Cindy Bryant

Carolyn Sheild

Cindy Griffin

Donna Griffith

Diane Polifka

Sheri Lloyd

Colleen Gruver

Jody Proetta

Johanna Jones

Judy Allison

Naomi Reeves

Bruce Clute

Davy's Angels

The Wrecking Crew

Suzanne Gee

Mary Cherry

Velcro Nieves

Rachael Abbinanti

and so many more of you!