Talia Jones Roston

Davy's first daughter, Talia was born in Wimbledon, London, England in 1968, in the middle of the Monkee mayhem.  Davy was a hands on dad when he was home in between touring & started taking Talia to the pony rides when she was just two years old, she's been riding ever since.
Another of Talia's passions is landscape design, she established her own design firm in 2000 and continues to have a thriving business where she lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, Jay & their dog Zac - they celebrated their one year anniversary on June 1st!
Talia favorite memories with her dad is when they would ride together around his property in Beavertown, PA and along the beach in Santa Barbara.  They shared a deep passion for horses and to this day Talia tries to get in the saddle a few times a week & carefully watches over the herd of 15 horses with her sister, Sarah that Davy had cared for & rescued over the last 25 years.