Why we need your support!




​When our dad suddenly died on Feb. 29, 2012 we were left with, not only the unimaginable loss, but how do we care for the 15 horses he left behind. Much of his time off stage was dedicated to their care. Most are rescues from the racetrack. Some he bred himself. ALL faced an uncertain future after he died. We were stunned by the overwhelming support and concern for his beloved herd. Thus DJEMF was born. We knew we had to maintain his legacy and care for these horses just as dad did. But we can't do it alone. We can only continue this care with your support. Caring for 15 horses can be overwhelming at times, but we are encouraged by your support, love and generous donations. 

In addition to our basic monthly boarding & care costs, below are just some of the DJEMF additional expenses:​

Extra feed – hay, grains & supplements

Farrier – every six weeksSupplies – topicals, hoof care, fly spray, shampoo

Wormers – 4-5x per yearVet – shots, teeth cleaning and unexpected veterinary care

Tack – halters & lead ropes, fly masks, blankets

Pasture supplies – water troughs, feeders, bucketsRepairs – fencing, posts and rails, tools, lumber

Truck & Trailer – upkeep/repairs