Uncle Bill aka: Billy Jones

Billy is a retired race horse that dad rescued and took in when he showed many signs of neglect. It was wonderful to see how this big horse became a completely different personality in dads care. We are so fortunate to Marion, who was dad's assistant trainer, for now caring for him in Florida where he continues to be spolied and loved alongside DJ. 

Whisky Bee aka: Whisky

Whisky was born to one of Dad's mares in England. Sadly she injured herself while playing in the field and as result she lost her sight in one eye. She lived in England for many years, where Davy's daughters took care of her. Over a decade ago, dad brought her to Beavertown, PA - he missed and wanted her to be close to him. There she had 2 foals, Jessie in 2007 and Smither in 2010. She is a very sweet and gentle horse and shares a pasture with herd mates, Devon, Zar and Regal.