Baz came to us at 3 years old, he was named after dads best friend, Basil Foster. He was born to one of dad's own mares, Weekend in Devon. He has a lot of energy and enjoys running around in the pasture while he grows and matures. Dad used to say that he is exactly like his name sake, Basil Foster, feisty and fearless. 


Smither came to us at 3 years old and named after dad's long-time friend, Dave Smither. He was born to one of dad's mares, Whiskey Bee and is Jess's half brother. Smither lives is Northern California with a wonderful friend of DJEMF! 

Manchester Boy aka: DJ

DJ was dads last and greatest dream to get back into horse racing. He got him as a yearling from a friend who could no longer provide for him. He started training shortly before dad passed away and showed potential with a great willingness to learn, but for the time being, the training has stopped. Manchester Boy has a wonderful personality, he is also the first horse who dad named after his own nickname, The Manchester Cowboy! DJ lives in Florida with Billy and our dear family friend, Marion.