Have you Herd? About Us

The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation was founded in 2012 by Davy’s daughters Talia, Sarah, Jessica, and Annabel, to protect and care for the herd of largely retired and rescued racehorses he left behind.


Over the course of many years, David rescued horses that were being neglected, abused, retiring with an uncertain future (likely slaughter), or had special needs. After his passing, the girls looked into the possibility of finding new homes for the 14 members of the herd, but found that it is next to impossible to re-home special needs horses. The options were to send them to the slaughterhouse (which they rejected), or find a way to keep them together as a herd.


Thus, DJEMF was born.


Right now, the objective is to be able to keep the herd healthy, safe, and together with the generous help of friends, family, and fans. It costs thousands of dollars each month just to meet the most basic needs of the herd, without factoring in many of the “one-off” supplies and services that are needed from time to time.


The near-term goals of the organization are to provide for the needs of the herd. In the long-term, they hope to expand the organization, and when they are able, potentially use the horses to work with underprivileged children.

The girls are very hands-on with the horses and the non-profit. They are passionately committed to continuing their father’s work with the herd, but they need our help.


Visit our Donate page to learn how you can become a DJEMF supporter!


With love and gratitude, 

Team Jones